Aeration systems

        Over the last 15 years weve tried and tested all types of lake aerators, we regularly receive calls from customers asking what type of aerator is best and where to buy them from, theres such a bewildering range of equiptment available all claiming to be the best on the market, its no wonder customers struggle to dicide which system is best for their lake.

      After much reasurch and testing we decided a diffused air system would be the best suited for our circumstances, surface aerators such as paddlewheels and splash aerators are expencive to buy and to run, with 20 seperate lakes on site it made sense to run all the lakes off one large system rather than buying 20 seperate aerators and having to supply power to all the lakes, its much cheaper and easier to move air around than electricity.

       We have large blowers that feed air through a network of pipes around the site, this air is then fed through diffusers in each lake, the rising bubbles lift water from the bottom of the lake and expose it to the air at the surface where it absorbes oxygen, this proces also mixes the warmer water at the surface with the colder water from the lake bed, by constantly turning the water over in this way we create a better overall oxgen level and more even temperature.

      After many years running and improving our own system we started to supply our customers with smaller versions of the system we had developed for our fish farm, as times gone on we have develpoed more and more sophisticated systems, we have even designed and now produce our own diffusers on site.

      Basically our system comprises of a blower or pump which distributes compressed air through heavy duty sinking pipework out to the diffusers situated out in the lake, the air rising up from the diffusers lifts the oxygen poor water up from the lakebed to the surface where it can absorb oxygen from the air, this updraft of water also mixes the different temperatured layers of water, this mixing of the layers is known as destratification and is very benificial.

      We design and build each system to suit each lake or fishery and multiple lakes can be run from just one system, we can supply aeration systems for anything from a small garden pond upto a large commercial fishery, some of the main advantages of our system are.


1, Completely out of sight, much better than having a big ugly paddlewheel sat out on the lake.


2, Totally snag free, the heavy weighted supple pipes leading out to the diffusers follow all lake bed contours and sit hard on the bottom.


3, Virtually silent, the pumps are extremley quiet, just 50 db.


4, Cost effective to purchase and run compared to surface aerators,  they use a fraction of the power used to run surface aerators.


5, Almost maininence free and can outlast their surface counterparts many times over. 


      For more information regarding our aeration systems please call Chris on 01409281801 or 07789304942     


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